Whitmer joins group of bipartisan governors urging everyone to mask up, stay safe for the holidays

Whitmer joins group of bipartisan governors urging everyone to mask up, stay safe for the holidays

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer joined Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, and Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers to encourage everyone across the region to remain safe heading into the holiday season.

“When it comes to fighting this virus, we are all on the same team,” says Governor Whitmer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated American families everywhere for the past eight months, and, while the news on a vaccine is promising, this is no time to let our guard down. The lives of Michiganders and those who live in states near us depend on it.

“As the weather gets colder and people head inside it will get worse,” says Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear,

Over the past month COVID-19 cases have skyrocketed across the Midwest and medical experts are advising people not to host Thanksgiving with people from outside of their households.

The governors made video they hope will help everyone in the region take steps to protect families, frontline workers and small businesses.

The governors recommend:

  • Getting together with your family via Zoom
  • If you have guests in your home wear masks, take them off only when you eat and drink, then put it back on
  • Keep six feet apart as much as you can
  • Get your flu shot
  • Wash your hand regularly
  • Try not to share utensils

“All these measures are crucial if we want to keep our small businesses and our schools open,” says Minnesota Governor Tim Walz.

That is why the group of bipartisan governors joined forces to urge families across the region, and Americans everywhere, to do their part to protect themselves and their families from the spread of COVID-19.

“No matter the action we take, we understand that our fight against COVID-19 will be more effective when we work together,” the governors say.




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