Tire Project aims to get Flint residents on the road to success

Tire Project aims to get Flint residents on the road to success
Most everyone wants work to work. And with unemployment rising, it’s particularly important that those that seek work are well-qualified to fill open positions. That’s a part of the motivation behind Flint Innovative Solutions newly announced partnership with Delta Tire, which aims to help North Flint residents start a career in the automotive repair industry.
Coined The Tire Project, the program will provide eligible participants job training needed to become a tire technician.
“Individuals who participate in The Tire Project will be ready to start a career in automotive repair after completing the intensive training program,” says Flint Innovative Solution’s Athena McKay, who notes that employers in the auto repair sector are looking for qualified candidates.

That’s important, according to employment experts, who emphasize that focus on sustainable jobs in industries with long-term growth potential is key to reducing chronic unemployment.

Nine North Flint residents will be selected to participate in the Tire Program, which will provide hands-on training needed to prepare for positions as a tire technician. Considered a gateway job, a tire technician cane expect to earn $12 per hour with fringe benefits and be exposed to additional opportunities to gain skills for more lucrative positions in the auto repair industry.

Delta Tire Owner and General Manager Kyle Krupa is excited to host The Tire Project.

“As the owner of an automotive repair facility, I am always looking to hire qualified candidates,” he says. “This program has the opportunity to be a beacon of hope for people who are ready to change their lives.”

Flint Innovative Solutions connected with Delta Tire through an introduction from City of Burton City Councilman Greg Fenner.

“As a Burton business owner and City Councilman, I am proud to be involved in a program that gives people a chance to change their lives by improving their skill set,” says Fenner.

Flint Innovative Solutions is taking applications for The Tire Project, which will accept nine individuals currently living in north Flint. The application process is competitive and there will be a screening process to identify participants, according to Flint Innovative Solutions.

The Tire Project is funded through a grant provided by the Ruth Mott Foundation. The Ruth Mott Foundation’s mission is to advocate, stimulate, and support community vitality by focusing on youth, safety, economic opportunity, and neighborhoods in north Flint.
Editor’s Note: .Learn more about The Tire Project at http://flintinnovativesolutions.org/thetireproject.




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