Taste the flavors of Mexico during Cinco de Mayo

Taste the flavors of Mexico during Cinco de Mayo

For Asa Zuccaro, Cinco de Mayo is a day for the United States to recognize and celebrate a piece of Mexican culture, and this year, people will be able to do that all weekend.

Flint’s Latinx Technology & Community Center Executive Director Asa Zuccaro encourages area residents to recognize and celebrate Mexican culture, but to do so “respectfully.” Photo by Danen Williams

“I would recommend that people practice the culture respectfully,” says Zuccaro, Executive Director of Flint’s Latinx Technology & Community Center.

Zuccaro gave some examples of how to do that, such as supporting the local restaurants the Flint community has.

On May 4 and 5 there will be a variety of restaurants to enjoy the annual holiday — not to be confused with Mexico’s Independence Day in September — including two that Zuccaro enjoys, Laredo’s Mexican Restaurant and El Cozumel, who will be having specials on May 4 and 5, respectively.

Zuccaro — who used to live in Mexico — says that the holiday isn’t really celebrated in Mexico, except for in the State of Puebla, where the Mexican Army took victory over the French Empire in 1862.

“The holidays are very specific to that city in Mexico,” he says.

While there aren’t any events being organized by the Latinx Technology & Community Center this year keep an eye out for future celebrations of Flint’s Latin community, which has about 5,500 people.

“We are definitely working on some celebrations to celebrate cultural and heritage…it just won’t happen on Cinco de Mayo,” he says.

They are currently working towards different ways to address language and cultural barriers throughout the community.

But if you are looking to celebrate this weekend check out the list below, full of restaurants offering food and drink specials. Want updates? Check out facebook pages for last minute announcements.

Tia Helita’s will be serving up its housemade margarita and sangria favorites. DJ Roel will be on hand to provide entertainment and will have lots of surprise giveaways throughout the weekend.

El Cozumel will feature DJ Felix Cabellero from noon to 10 p.m. on May 5 and, if you’re looking to start earlier, Lupe’s will be celebrating on Friday and Cocina Mio will celebrate May 3 with a variety of taco specials, all under $3.

Meanwhile, others looking to enjoy Cinco de Mayo festivities throughout the community might explore the following locations that will offer meals, music and a taste of Mexican traditions.

Calendar junkies may want to note Cinco De Mayo specials and/or events will be offered on the published dates below.

May 3

Cocina Mio, 3322 Davison Road, Flint (810) 336-0926. Learn more on Facebook

May 4

El Especial Mexican, 4513 W. Pasadena, Ave. Flint (810) 230-7060. Learn more on Facebook,

Lupe’s, 1112 S. Elms Rd., Flint (810) 635-9800.  Learn more on Facebook

Laredo’s Mexican Restaurant, 3849 Davison Rd, Flint (810) 742-4040. Learn more on Facebook

May 5:

Casa Real, 4150 Miller Road, Flint, (810) 720-2921. Learn more on Facebook

El Cozumel, G-4190 E. Court St., Burton (810) 715-4426. Learn more on Facebook

Soriano’s Mexican Kitchen, 836 S. Saginaw St., Flint (810) 339-6975. Learn more on Facebook

Tia Helita’s, G4070 S. Saginaw St., Burton (810) 742-5525. Learn more on Facebook

Area residents may also enjoy these Hispanic-owned restaurants, many of which offer Mexican dishes:

La Familia Restaurant725 Garland St., Flint (810) 341-6888. Learn more on Facebook

La Azteca Taco House, 1902 W. Court St., Flint (810) 233 3104, Learn more on Facebook

Los Panchos, 4001 Fenton Rd. Flint (810) 234-8226, Learn more on Facebook

If you want to extend your celebration, El Cozueml is going to have live Marachi music on May 13.





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