Shaking off winter’s chill

Shaking off winter’s chill
By 810Kids! Staff

Staying active is the best prescription to beat winter blahs. As tempting as it is to hole up, it’s lots more fun to throw on a coat and scarf, and get out and enjoy the season.

It’s also fun to plan indoor activities like building a blanket forts or holding a dance-off when temperatures really drop outside to brush away boredom.

Here are a few activity ideas:

Inch-worm racing – Wrapping their arms and shoulders with scarf or tucking arms inside long sleeve shirts, racers lie on the floor and use their legs and hips to move toward the finish line.

Play Stations – Make indoor activity stations by creating signs for each activity area – jumping jacks, crawling through blanket-covered chairs or tables, or even falling onto soft cushions, pillows and mattresses.

Broom Hockey – Whether you have hockey sticks, a ball or puck available, a simple household broom and foam ball (or rolled up sock) can make a great game of broom hockey. Hit the “puck” back and forth or create a make-shift goal area anh keep score.

Scavenger Hunt – Play hide and seek with simple household items. Keep hiding places away from anything valuable or breakable to keep things fun.

Musical chairs – This is a time-honored game, but if you need a refresher: Place one less seat than the number of players in a circle. Pick one person to be the DJ to start and stop the music. When the music stops, everyone scrambles to sit in a chair. The person left standing is out of the game. Remove one more chair and play again. Continue playing rounds unti there is one person left in the chair. Then, crown that person the champion!





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