Re-setting for school can have great results

Re-setting for school can have great results

The new school year can be a great time to re-focus on health and home habits. The long summer days suddenly end with the sound of the morning class bell. But making the adjustment with your student doesn’t have to feel like a deep sea dive, says Justin K. Lewis, interim SNAP Ed program manager for Genesee Intermediate School District.

Along with healthier eating, Lewis says the new school year can create new benefits for your family.

“We suggest involving children in the back-to-school shopping and making shopping for lunches and snacks fun,” Lewis says.

When it comes to crunchy snacks, experts suggest opting for the whole grain and baked varieties with plenty of fiber to help kids feel fuller longer and get more nutrients.

“The key to all of the new structure and excitement of the new school year is to make the healthy choice the fun choice,” says Lewis.

Although it can be tempting to reach for packaged fruit snacks, it’s healthier to choose the real thing instead. You can mimic bite-sized fruit chews by pre-slicing fresh fruits and packing them in colorful containers or snack bags. Dip sliced fruit pieces in an equal amount of lemon or pineapple juice and water to keep them from turning brown.

Lewis says some back-to-school adjustments should be geared toward the night before class.

“Our educators encourage parents to get their children back to a good sleep schedule,” says Lewis, “because being healthy and ready to learn starts with being well rested.”




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