Leveling up: Trendsetters Productions’ Tracy Palmer is now offering life coaching sessions

Leveling up: Trendsetters Productions’ Tracy Palmer is now offering life coaching sessions

Tracy Palmer is a recognized change agent. Although she is best known as the  owner of Trendsetters Productions, a local modelling and etiquette school, she’s also produced a series of well-attended empowerment events over the years.

Her flagship events have included efforts like This is Me, an event which offers special needs youth and their parents a chance to celebrate and showcase their many successes, and bring positive attention to an inspirational group of students who face more challenges in a day than most of us navigate in a month.

Trendsetters Productions Founder Tracy Palmer (center) is a change agent. Her many youth advocacy activities have proven to be life-altering, according to many participants who are open about their struggles with with self-esteem, bullying and violence. Photo by Danen Williams

She’s also hosted scores of anti-bullying events including her signature Fashion Against Bullying (FAB), a popular annual event which features student models who have faced bullying.

In addition to her many youth-oriented efforts. Palmer also created a signature annual event coined “Black Girls Rock” to honor the sizable contributions of black women throughout Flint.

Now, Palmer is expanding her business empire to include life coaching. Her goal: to empower more people in the community to live their best lives.

Tracy Palmer (center) is an ardent advocate of positivity, according to her many champions who say her enthusiasm is as genuine as it is infectious. Photo by Vantrell Erving

“I’ve been mentoring the people I meet and have worked with for years now. Private life coaching is a way to take things to the next level,” Palmer says. “I want everyone to know that I am ready to pour myself into elevating Flint, one person, or one family, at a time.”

Palmer’s journey to become a certified life coach started with one very important person: herself.

“You can not be a life coach without first making sure you deal with yourself,” she stresses. “Self-reflection is critical and lots of people just don’t want to do that.”

When Palmer’s training required that she do an introspective self-analysis to determine how she handled situations in her own life, she came face-to-face with the person she sees in the mirror every day.

Tracy Palmer (left) frequently sparks the attention of Flint’s news leaders, like ABC12’s Dawn Jones (far right). Image courtesy of T. Palmer

The effort, which included an assignment to compliment herself in a written an essay was an eye-opener for Palmer, who notes although it was not necessarily hard, it was definitely foreign to her.

“I’ve always seen myself as someone who helps selflessly and doesn’t need to be rewarded. I’m not one who needs to advertise myself and my deeds,” she says. “After I wrote the paper I realized that I have done well, I’m qualified and I have a lot to offer the world.”

The exercise is one that Palmer feels is important to undertake, especially for people who feel unloved, without purpose, unaccomplished or who don’t want to live anymore. With the guidance of a life coach such self-reflection can be truly transformative.

The Power of Partnering with a Life Coach 

Palmer explains that having someone, like a qualified life coach, who can keep you honest, focused, call you out on your blind spots, or bring awareness to your strengths, can be a gamechanger — and a lifesaver.

Even before the new addition to her resume, she has witnessed this dynamic unfold through mentoring the youth in her circles. Exceptional listening, no-holds-barred honesty, a non-judgmental heart and careful, loving direction has drawn hundreds of young people to put their faith in her guidance.

Life Coach Tracy Palmer says she can help individuals with pressing issues from feeling like their life or career is at a standstill to instilling an empowering sense of confidence to those who need to bolster their own self image. Photo courtesy of T. Palmer

Palmer says that there are a lot of kids and young adults in Flint who are feeling lost or who are bearing too much weight on their shoulders. She has worked with some of them to get to the causes of why they feel the way they do. Often, she would go a bit further by helping them tease apart what appears to be an overwhelming, helpless situation. Usually, Palmer finds they are so relieved to discover that they are normal kids who just needed a bit of help discovering what is worth knuckling down on.

“A light bulb goes on when they realize it’s not really about what other people feel and say about them. They realize they are not supposed to be like anyone else because they are a unique individual. And they say, ‘oh, I am not crazy at all. I just needed some focus on what is important,'” Palmer says.

She adds that, young or old, people have so many things on their minds all the time and sometimes it simply becomes “too much.” And it can be hard to try to decipher it all and put things into categories. “In those situations, we can’t break things down and translate it into goals and create an action plan to meet those goals.That’s where life coaching comes in.”

There are questions that people can ask themselves to gauge whether or not they can benefit from sitting down with her. Some include: Can I move forward alone? Am I at a standstill in life? Do I need to talk to someone? Am I the only one who feels this way?

Palmer also advises that life coaching is not just for people in the throes of crisis. She gives a personal example. “I have a great marriage with love and communication. But even great marriages can always be better,” she says. “You can always enhance what you already have or what you are already doing. Life coaching can make a difference for anyone at any stage of life.

Editor’s Note: To learn more about Palmer’s Life Coaching services, email her at tpalmer37@gmail.com or visit Trendsetters Productions Facebook page.

Lead photo by Rynelle Walker

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