Lear brings 600 jobs to Flint and a commitment to help revitalize the city

Lear brings 600 jobs to Flint and a commitment to help revitalize the city

Six hundred new jobs.

That’s the news Lear executives will happily promote at its press conference today on the grounds of its new facility located at Buick City.

By Jackie Berg, Founder & Publisher, TheHUB

Lear’s not just bringing jobs to Flint, although they are certainly welcome and needed. Behind the news of jobs is a bold statement of an even bigger commitment — to fuel Flint’s resurgence.

“We want to be a part of the revitalization and (Flint’s) comeback,” says Mel Stephens, Lear’s senior vice president of communications in a statement published on Flintside.

The company has a long history of community stewardship, particularly in urban cities, and its commitments are backed by senior-level leadership who remain involved long after the press disappears.

Lear could have chosen to launch its expansion anywhere, but it chose Flint to build its $29.3- million, 160,000-square-foot plant on the former Buick City Administration building site. That signals renewed optimism in Flint’s infrastructure and workforce.

The City of Flint offered a tax abatement to reduce the overall project costs and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s performance-based grant worth up to $4.35 million helped sweeten Lear’s interest in the site, which was chosen over a competing location in Mexico.

“These new investments underscore Michigan’s expanding economy, and the appeal and promise of the state’s logistics capacity, automotive industry and autonomous vehicle potential along with a renewed commitment to manufacturing jobs,” said Jeff Mason, CEO, Michigan Economic Development Corporation. “These high-impact developments could prove to be a catalyst for additional investments.”

Construction starts immediately and will be completed by 2018, according to company officials.

Ray Scott, Lear’s Executive Vice President and President of Lear’s seating division,  couldn’t be happier. The Flint native, who studied at University of Michigan-Flint is proud to be involved in an effort so close to his heart and home.

Soon 600 new workers will make seats for General Motors Flint Assembly plant. At the same time they will also be spreading hope and the economic benefits that come with employment to Flint’s shops and businesses that need it most.

Editor’s note: Lear will be accepting applications soon. Its job listings will be posted locally and on the manufacturer’s website: http://www.lear.com/Site/Careers/.

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