Flint Sprint: Collaborative initiative aims to improve quality of life for residents in 60 days

Flint Sprint: Collaborative initiative aims to improve quality of life for residents in 60 days

Flint Sprint involves a wide variety of projects that serve a diverse group of community organizations and their constituents.

Tim Herman, CEO, Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce

“Flint Sprint will have a great impact on the well-being of our community from improved customer service delivery to better access to health and wellness, more resources for small businesses and increased literacy among toddlers,” says Tim Herman, CEO, Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce. “It will also show the powerful role that public-private collaborations can play in solving problems.”

Flint Sprint projects include:


  • Consumers Energy will examine the costs and potential funding sources to support converting the city’s outdated lighting systems to a more cost effective and sustainable program. They also have committed to oversee the conversion process.
  • Downtown Detroit Partnership will work with the city to identify and pursue funding for high-definition cameras and related cloud-based access.


  • Reading Works will help the Flint and Genesee Literacy Network get businesses to support a new Imagination Library or Flint Kids Read program, aimed at preparing preschoolers for school.
  • Rush Trucking will work with YWCA of Greater Flint on its EmFlower program, aimed at empowering members through business and personal development courses.
  • Shepard Consulting and the University of Michigan-Flint will work with Flint Community Schools to create a Balanced Calendar (a monthly road map and action plan).


  • Rush Trucking will translate the Hamilton Health Clinic’s outreach materials and help develop a marketing plan for the Spanish-speaking community.


  • AT&T will examine the city’s current network and recom-mend improvements (access points, wiring, etc) that will support Wi-Fi at Flint’s City Hall.
  • Baker College of Flint will update the city’s personnel rules and regulations manual, which have not been reviewed since 1979. It will also make staffing recommendations needed to bring staffing levels up to meet current demands.
  • ChoiceTel will examine the city’s phone system and making recommendations to its IT department for upgrades, including a call for bids.


  • Epic.org will work with the Mass Transportation Authority (MTA) to identify, purchase and support the right software/hardware needed to operate its Rides to Wellness program.
  • Fair Food Network will work with the Flint and Genesee Chamber of Commerce to investigate ways independent grocery stores might be able to share resources needed to offer more fresh foods to their customers.
  • Grant Thorton LLP will assess the expanding demands on the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and help to create a road map to support elevated service needs and a plan to help the organization fulfill its mission.


  • Consumer’s Energy will perform energy audit on two historical community centers and make cost saving recommendations. The dollars saved will be used to involve and educate Flint residents about sustainability.


  • Quest4 Solutions Inc. will work with the Flint and Chamber of Commerce on its Tourism Ambassador Program, aimed at promoting tourism and related economic development efforts.


  • Baker College of Flint will support the United Way of Genesee County’s effort to rebrand and officially reopen its volunteer center, which is experiencing a record level of requests for support. It will also help develop more efficient programs to match corporate volunteers with service projects.



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