Empowered Women Empower Women

Empowered Women Empower Women
Dr. Gail Lewis

There has, and will continue to be, so much written regarding Flint’s resurgence, primarily fueled by neighborhood activism and entrepreneurship. Women are a major driving force behind it, as more and more women are starting businesses and coalition-building to improve their lives, neighborhoods and, ultimately, the city.

As this trend continues, it is important that, as women, we empower, encourage and amplify each other. All too often, some of us think that there can only be room at the table for one woman, and we actively or passively undermine each other to secure that coveted spot.

We’ve all seen it happen, women who, instead of mentoring or uplifting others, choose to be hypercritical and, in some cases, sabotage others. The truth is when this happens we all lose.

Empowered women empower women.

How does this work? Sometimes it’s a matter of healing the hurts that have created distrust. Other times it is about building new bridges to replace the burned ones. Almost always, though, it is about surrounding yourself with the right people, so there is mutual growth.

As women, we must move past the narrative that constantly plays out and pits us against each other simply because we are women. Let’s encourage each other’s dreams and ideas. Know that there is enough space at the table for everyone, even if that means you bring a new table to make more room. Let’s empower and amplify each other through collaborative partnerships. Up-and-coming entrepreneurs, such as Candice Mercedes of Roots & Resolutions Salon Studio, have found value in this firsthand.

Candice dreamed and began to manifest her visions for a salon and studio that takes a holistic approach to health and beauty through self-care, centered around healthy hair care, yoga and meditation. She knew the value of having a village to help empower, encourage, and amplify her. She has surrounded herself with like-minded friends, business associates, coaches, and mentors to create a safe environment for her to build her dreams.

The lesson to be learned: Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

You don’t have to be alone!

Professional coaches and mentors are able to help you define and refine your vision, clarify your plans, and help you with accountability.

Trusted advisors, friends, sponsors and mentors are able to encourage, amplify and open doors that might not otherwise exist. They move for you when no one else does or will.

As women, it is important to build strong, collaborative networks that support each other. When one woman wins, we all win.

Passionate about women’s empowerment, Flint native Dr. Gail Lewis is a certified professional coach with more than 20 years of experience in leadership, management, coaching, mentoring and helping others access their personal success. Follow Dr. Lewis  via Twitter @drgaillewis.






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