Empowered by Prayer: Unity Coalition of pastors align behind a four-part plan to address community issues

Empowered by Prayer: Unity Coalition of pastors align behind a four-part plan to address community issues

A multi-denominational group of pastors plan to make a big difference in Flint, according to Christ Church Tabernacle COGIC Pastor Chris Martin, who announced the Unity Coalition’s four-part plan at a press conference yesterday.

Initiated to respond to the violence and racial disparities in the Flint-area, the group will collectively address what the pastorial community feels are some of the contributing factors that lead to violent events last weekend.

“We want to get the community involved,” says Pastor Martin. “Today is to move the city of Flint forward.

“We want to know what young adults and young people are thinking, and we want to reach out to them where they are at – – on social media.”

The coalition will address the stem issues of: mentorship, blight, economic and land development, in addition to lingering water crisis issues and healthy food access.


“There’s a food desert in Flint,” says Pastor Martin. “We need to align behind and support a great grocery store that is accessible to everyone in the city of Flint.”

The pastors are encouraging the public to invite prayer back into their daily lives.

“Prayer must be a part of the equation,” says Pastor Alfred Harris, who will join pastors on Saturday for “pull-over-prayer” sessions for those in need.

The POP events will be offered curbside, so residents will not have to leave their cars.

Events will take place at various locations in the city of Flint including the intersections of Clio and Dayton as well as Pierson and Dupont, followed by a group prayer event at Hallwood Plaza at 3 p.m.


Prayer: Open, community-wide prayer events

Economic (and job) Development: Pastors will be helping shepherd economic development opportunities. The North Flint Farmers Market is anticipating 32 new job openings, according to coalition members.

Mentoring Program: Education and mentoring programs headed by pastors for at-risk youth and adults via social media. Intereeted individuals ages 16 to 24 can receive free career training, scholarships, certifications and job placement assistance in various fields at Mott Community College. For additional information call:   810-232-2512.

Land Acquisition & Development: Pastors will help provide support for land acquisition, beautification and support

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