Annual Flint summer sporting event helps youth get fit

Annual Flint summer sporting event helps youth get fit

What is known as one of Flint’s greatest yearly competitions is also one of the community’s greatest opportunities for youth to become more fit.

The 62nd CANUSA and the 63rd Flint Olympian Games being held through Aug. 11 invite youth of all ages and skill levels to compete in dozens of indoor and outdoor sports, while interacting with their peers from Hamilton, Ontario. But aside from the spirit of competition and the will to win, the Flint Olympian Games – a preliminary event for qualifying CANUSA athletes – and CANUSA provide opportunities for healthy physical activity, says Co-chair Sean Croudy.

About 50 coaches hold practice and conditioning sessions almost daily throughout the six to seven weeks that lead to Flint Olympian Games and CANUSA.

“The concept started 63 years ago as a way to get kids to be active during the summer,” says Croudy.

Along with learning how to better care for their bodies and receiving nutrition tips, participating youth are coached on sportsmanship and following rules, Croudy adds.

“We also make sure the kids get the basic skills and the basic fundamentals of their chosen sport,” he says.

Thousands of children involved in regular exercise, conditioning and practice drills for the Flint Olympian Games and CANUSA are “benefitting from these activities right now,” Croudy says.

Even non-athletes can enjoy the events as celebrations of sport and fitness during the season, he adds.

“It’s a jewel of the city,” says Croudy.

The Greater Flint Olympian and CANUSA Games office is located at the Crim Fitness Foundation at 452 S. Saginaw Street, Suite 1 in Flint. For additional information call 810-201-8459 or email Visit the website at:




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